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esTOOLS  [Embryonic Stemcell Tools]
My role: Project Manager 2006-10 

  • Six months into the post I was asked to join the appointment committee for the selection of the project manager for the EU’s €2m EU NEUROscreen.
  • esTOOLS Work Package Lead Prof. Cattaneo (University of Milan) asked me to advise on starting up the admin office for her €12m EU project NeuroStemcell and host her new project manager in Sheffield.


RoboCom  [Robot Companions for Citizens]
My role: lead the USFD contribution to task 3.1.2 [legal framework of future flagship]

Worked on initial preparation of FET-Flagship Proposal for the 2012 Call for FET-Flagship projects ICT 2011.9.5 (FET Flagship Initiative Preparatory Actions)


iPODD  [Inflammatory bowl diseases Proteases: Opportunity for Drug Discovery]
My role: Project Manager 2008-11

EU FP7 Integrated Project | 2008-2011 | €3m | 13 partners
Coordinator: Prof. David Grundy at the University of Sheffield
Final report summary | CORDIS page


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Integrated aquatic resources management Between Ireland, Northern Ireland & Scotland]
My role: Project Manager 2012-14

Based at the SCENE Field Station on Loch Lomond
ERDF INTERREG IVA | 2011-2015 | £8m | 3 partners (Glasgow, QUB, Loughs Agency)
Prof. Colin Adams at the University of Glasgow

click this image to see the schematic of IBIS topics  ➡︎

  • The Programme Officer wrote "the Annual Implementaion Report (2013) for the INTERREG IVA Programme which is sent to the EU Commission and presented to the European Parliament.  The Commission  has asked that we demonstrate the added value of cooperation in the programme and I feel that this best achieved by showcasing some of our best projects. In this regard, I would very much like to include the IBIS project under Theme 2.2.  I am therefore  looking for your help to complete this..."
  • Masaryk University asked me to host, as an intern in IBIS, their project manager in charge of the Pluricell project. 


Based at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS TRUST
Marie Curie ITN | FP7 | 2010-14 | 
€3m | 11 Partners
Coordinator: Prof. Chris Chapple

TRUST [Training Urology Scientists]
My role: Project Manager 2010-12


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Aqua-tnet [European thematic network in aquaculture, fisheries, aquatic resources management]
My role: Evaluator 2012, 2014

Aqua-tnet consortium (2011-2014) consisted of 82 partners from 26 of the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme countries, a multidisciplinary collaboration of higher education institutions, research institutions, industry representatives and other relevant stakeholders with an interest in European education issues 


ADRC-S   [Administrative Data Research Centre - Scotland] at 9 Edinburgh Bioquarter
My role: Business Project Manager 2014-

University of Edinburgh Geosciences lead
with 9 other collaborating Universities & Govt Agencies, > 30 Co-Investigators
£7m funding from BEIS via ESRC as part of Big Data Phase I investment into the ADRN [
Administrative Data Research Network]
Director: Prof. Chris Dibben

As at June 2018 the ADRN was the ESRC's only ‘business critical’ investment. 

Key activities I undertook:

  • Designed and delivered the ADRN’s first open international research conference in 2017, fulfilling ADRN’s academic directors' ambition for the ADRN’s conference to be become “the” recognised event in the quantitative social science calendar.
  • Developed and manage databases tracking projects, resources, approvals, research team members and their training, permissions, research outputs, collecting progress data from 16 ADRC-S work packages and work strands into a tailor-made database, compiling summaries and reporting to ADRC-S and ESRC management and governance bodies.
  • Led the development of the ADRN dashboard of network research performance metrics, with software that combines the above data. Used these systems to compile the ADRC-S returns for the 2016 ESRC Mid Term Review and the BEIS Gateway 4 Review; as a result of the efficacy of my reporting, ADRC-S was the only one of the five ADRN units for whom the Canadian Mid Term Review team’s report highlighted specific projects as noteworthy.
  • Co-organised the first Scotland-wide meeting of economists interested in administrative data research.
  • Development and supporting for all the training and public engagement activities.

My main roles: 

  • Business Project Manager 2014- , based at the Edinburgh Bioquarter.
  • Deputy Chair, Operations Group ADRN [Administrative Data Research Network].
  • Chair, Communications Group ADRN.
  • Chair, Operations Group ADRC-Scotland.
  • IT lead for ADRC-S at the Bioquarter.
  • ADRC-S website manager. 
  • Centre photographer.


CFR [NZ Institute for Crop & Food Research Ltd(now in Plant & Food Research)
My role: Strategy Advisor - Economics & Investments 2001-06

  • Coordinated the “Better Border Biosecurity” B3 proposal for multi-institute project awarded by FRST [NZ Government’s Foundation for Research Science & Technology]  its largest ever science research contract (NZ$74m; Background); managed the contract Due Diligence process on behalf of the Institute
  • Prepared Plant Biotechnology Domain Review (2006) submission to FRST
  • Initiated the external advisory group for the FRST Evaluation Group
  • Developed proposals for Institute Strategic Science Investments in Potato Genome ConsortiumGut Health & Wellbeing
  • Strategic planning for the Arable Food Industry Council
  • Worked on funding applications with J.Jacobs, Team Leader, Genome Analysis, Plant & Food Research New Zealand, potato genome expert, eventually resulting in a publication in Nature
  • Worked with K.Armstrong, ex Plant & Food Research (New Zealand) to win NZAID funding for his KE programme summarised as “How plant science improved household incomes in Nepal”


Kingston Morrison Ltd 
My role: consulting Senior Economist 1996-98

  • Australasian project clients: Fiji Forestry Industries / Ports Authority of Fiji; Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority / PNG Halla Cement PTY 
  • New Zealand project clients: Lyttelton Port Authority; Chartered Institute of Transport in New Zealand; Auckland International Airport Limited; Wellington Regional Council 


Invited speaker

  • SET-TALK 2012 [The International Conference for Science & Engineering Universities]
    • "Europe has banned patents of stem cell inventions derived from human embryos. Should universities campaign for a change in the law?"


Dunedin City Council
My role: 
Strategic Plan Team Leader / Corporate Planner 1998-2001

  • Revamped and operated the city council’s annual Residents Opinion Survey (ROS)  ➡︎
  • Developed process for, and initiated, the new City Strategic Plan
  • Developed options for economic development of city’s forestry interests consistent with NZ Resource Management Act 


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